Sad Story of Silver Maple Forest

Sad Story of Silver Maple Forest:

Despite protests, civil disobedience, and more than a thousand petition signatures, and an initial injunction, many of the tall trees of the Silver Maple Forest have been cut down. The 15 acre silver Maple Forest, sitting at the juncture of Cambridge, Belmont and Arlington is scheduled for clearance to make way for a development by the O’Neill Properties group of Pennsylvania. Multiple demonstrations were held over the past week, and over 13 people arrested.

On Monday morning, Oct. 20thscores of protesters lined up along Acorn Park Drive to oppose the clear cutting and removal of hundreds of silver maple trees. As Mike Connolly reported, the sounds of chainsaws and cracking, falling trees could be heard throughout the morning — along with determined chants from local advocates.

An initial injunction was granted raising the hopes of SMF supporters. However, Middlesex Superior Court Justice Rosslind Miller denied the request on Tuesday 21st, permitting the clearance to continue <>.

The effort to save the Silver Maple Forest represented multiple concerns – including maintaining green space and natural areas, protection of the Fresh Pond area from flooding, and preventing the worsening of the intense traffic congestion in the route 2 interchange area.

Our thanks to the many members of Cambridge Residence Alliance and Fresh Pond Residents Alliance who joined the Friends of the Alewife Reservation, along with Belmont and Arlington supporters, in the protests.

Proponents plan to continue their appeals through the courts – trees can grow back it the site is protected.  Hear an update on the continuing efforts at the upcoming Thursday October 30th meeting of Cambridge Residents Alliance.


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