The Cambridge Residents Alliance, Inc. is directed by its Officers, Board  of Directors, Executive Committee,  other working  committees and input from General Meetings.


□  Lee Farris, President

□  Jonathan King, Vice President

□  Shelley Rieman, Clerk and Treasurer 


□  Phyllis Bretholtz (Exec. Com’t)

□  Mike Connolly

□  Gary Dmytrk

□  Derek Etkin (new)

□  Charles Franklin (new)

□  Richard Goldberg

□  Catherine Hoffman

□  Mark Jensen

□  Jackie King

□  Richard Krushnic 

□  Nadeem Mazen

□  John Ratliff

□  John Roberts

□  Nancy Ryan (Board Chair)

□  Barbara Taggart

□  Kathy Watkins (Exec. Com’t)

The Executive Committee directs the day to day business of the organization and currently includes Phyllis Bretholtz, Lee Farris, Jonathan King, Shelley Rieman, and Kathy Watkins. The Board holds 3-4 meetings a year to deal with broad policy, political and organization issues. The Annual Meeting is held as set by the Board.

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