Finances & Donations

Finances and Donations

Cambridge Residents Alliance, Inc. is supported by dues and donations primarily from individual contributors. We have no paid staff, with all work of the organization carried out by volunteers. We hold regular monthly public meetings open to all. Our total expenditures in each of the past three years have been under $5,000/year. For 2016 and future years the names of donors, as well as the range of donations (though not the individual amounts) will be included in the Annual Report, and posted on this web site. We do not knowingly accept donations from corporations or individuals that have commercial business before the Cambridge City Council.

As a non-profit corporation, annual filings are made to the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office and to the Secretary of the Commonwealth, available on the websites of those agencies. In municipal election years reports are also made to the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance.

Accounts of the organization's activities are available on other pages of this website as well as in the Annual Reports and Neighborhood Voices Newsletter.

Donors and Donations to Cambridge Residents Alliance 2016

Torgun Austin, Syvia Barnes, Laura Blcklow, Suzanne Blier, John Boesen, R. Booth, Carefund, Julia Carlsonn, Patricia Covey, Peter Damrosch,Jan Devereux, Linda Dubuque, Chantal Elde, Lee Farris, Margaret Fox-Warren, Marilyn Frankenstein, Susan Freireich, Laurie Friedman, Tahamina Gani, Richard Goldberg, Lynne Hall, Victoria Kent, Jackie King, Jonathan King, Jeanne Koopman, Richard Krushnic, Adam Liebling, Susan Markowitz, Carol O’ Hare, Gerald O’Leary, Rena Lieb, Gaylan Morgan, Jacqueline Piret, Patrice Polisar, Shelley Rieman, Amy Rugel, Nancy Seymour, Carolyn Shipley, John Spence, Paul Steven Stone, Margaret Studier, Laurie Taymor,  Susan Teto, Terri Viveiros, Norma Wassel, Kathyrn Watkins, Alvene Williamson, Henry Wortis, Shelli Wortis, Susan Yanow


$5 – $25:        38 donations.

$26 - $50:      13 donations

$51 – $100:     8 donations

$101- $250:     2 donations

$250 – $500:    1 donation.

>$500:            0 donations.

Donors and Donations 2017 to October 1.


Cambridge Residents Alliance Donors 2017


Michael Austin; Torgun Austin; Dinah Barlow; Rosemary Booth; James Campen; Katie Carlone[ Karen Chen; Elizabeth Claggett-Borne

Allison Field-Juma; Pebble Gifford; Lynne Hall; Victoria Kent; Jonathan King; Richard Krushnic; Dan Lenke; Ellen Mass; Genevieve Moss-Hawkins

Patty Nolan; Carol O’Hare; Gerald O’Leary; Amy Rugel; Nancy Ryan; Phillip Sego; Nancy Seymour; Judith Somberg; Juliet Stone; Nancy Seymour

Jacqueline Smith; Arthur Strang; Laurie Taymor-Berry; Kathy Watkins; Rachel Wyon; Elie Yarden


$10 – one donation

$20 – three donations

$25 – six donations

$30 – two donations

$40 – one donation

$50 – ten donations

$100 - eight donations

$200 – two donations

$270 – one donations


Five people have given twice during 2017,  with their donations together. i


Cambridge Residents Alliance Election 2017 Expenses


Lee Farris for Offset Printing

Yard signs


Classic Graphx

Taxes on palm card print


Lightning Design

Design help for palm cards


Classic Graphx

Palm cards (need receipt)


Classic Graphx

Palm cards


Cathy Hoffman

Printing flyers & food for rally


Kathy Watkins

Food for rally

Total           3140.00

Donations since last report:

$25 (2)

$30 (1)

250 (1)

50   (1)

Skip Schiel, Judy Somberg, Kathryn McCoy, Rena Leib

Donations during election period were four amounting to $130.

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