Working for a Livable, Affordable and Diverse Cambridge;    

     Cambridge Residents Alliance represents individuals and neighborhood organizations committed to preserving and promoting a livable, affordable, and diverse Cambridge community.

     We believe the innovative and creative character of the Cambridge economy derives in part from the multicultural, cooperative and inclusive social fabric of our city, which needs to be protected, not dissolved.

     We support preserving, enhancing and expanding our public and affordable housing.

     We believe that choking of travel on streets, buses and trains through over-development is not in the interest of the community.          

     We value sunlight, sky views, and our very limited open community spaces and parks, and seek to limit shadowed canyon-like streets from over-size buildings. 

     We believe traffic has to be limited to levels such that children can go to and from school and after-school activities safely.

     We oppose the construction of high-rise buildings designed primarily to make large profits for developers.

     We need continuing comprehensive urban planning efforts to improve the quality of life and work for Cambridge residents.

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Cambridge Residents Alliance