Finances & Donations

Finances and Donations

Cambridge Residents Alliance, Inc. is supported by dues and donations primarily from individual contributors. Our total expenditures in each of the past three years have been under $5,000/year. For 2016 and future years the names of donors, as well as the range of donations (though not the individual amounts) will be included in the Annual Report, available on this web site. We do not knowingly accept donations from corporations or individuals that have commercial business before the Cambridge City Council.

As a non-profit corporation, annual filings are made to the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office and to the Secretary of the Commonwealth, available on the websites of those agencies. In municipal election years reports are also made to the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance.

Accounts of the organization's activities are available on other pages of this website as well as in the Annual Reports and Neighborhood Voices Newsletter.

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